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A simple app designed for cross country and trail bikers who enjoy exploring!

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How it works

Who is designed for

Kanyon app is designed for Trail and XC bikers without professional demands. This app focuses on simplicity: offering a good User Experience for the essential functions that any cyclist, regardless of the level, may need.

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Main app Functions


App Screenshots

01/04Track History

Kanyon track history screenshot

02/04On the Bike

Kanyon route viewer screenshot

03/04Elevation and Waypoints

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04/04Main Menu

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Kanyon users

Great stuff. It provides all the basic biking functions for free and I love how it looks and feels, it is so intuitive and user fiendly.
Pat riding

Pat Nacarino

~ 200 km monthly

Excellent app, my first choice even for urban riding. A straightforward app for cycling. Easy to use and reliable.
Robert on the bike

Robert Hope

~ 50 km monthly