GPS Bike Tracker

Kanyon is a simple and versatile tool for tracking your rides. Designed for Road Bikers, Cross Country or Trail bikers who enjoy exploring!

Available OnGoogle Play
Kanyon GPS tracker showing speed, distance and the current position on a Google Map.

Kanyon Basic Features

These are the basic and for free features that you can enjoy by using Kanyon.

Who is this App for

Kanyon App is designed for bikers without professional demands. This app focuses on simplicity by offering a good user experience for the essential functions that any cyclist, regardless of the level, may need.

Available OnGoogle Play
Kanyon GPS tracker showing the montly track history.

How does this App work

Quite simple, in just 3 steps everything is ready to go.

Pro Features

These are features that can be unlock by using the pro version.

Kanyon Users

Great stuff. A straightforward tool for cycling. It provides all the basic cycling functions for free. I love how it looks and feels, it is so intuitive and user fiendly. Nicole Simmons

Excellent and simple to use. Provides useful data to track and improve your workouts. Maps tracking is very precise and holds GPS well. I definitely recommend it. Brad Larssen

Helpful application. I like this app very much, due to this app my cycling become very nice and interesting. I use this App at morning and evening cycling time. Harry Roberts

Available OnGoogle Play
Kanyon GPS tracker showing the current position and waypoints on a Google Map.